worm castings contain special benefits: stimulates plant growth, improves root growth, enhances germination, improves crop yield, contain plant growth hormones, and is rich in microbial life and nutrients.

Supplier of Red Worms, Castings, Cocoons, and Naturally Grown Produce.  We can supply your worm needs for North Carolina and the East Coast!

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Blue Ridge Naturals

Locally grown, all natural produce is available at: Ashe County Farmers Market, Bare Essentials, Boone, NC,  Rose Mountain Butcher Shoppe, Lansing, NC  and at our farm.

Compost worms can be delivered by USPS Priority Mail or picked-up at the farm.  We ship only on Mondays and Tuesdays so please have your orders in by Saturday afternoon.  Otherwise, orders will be shipped the following week.  All prices include shipping!

Cocoons are a practical and affordable way to get Red Worms and Europeans.  Please email or call for availability in summer and winter months.  Worms lay cocoons when the weather is temperate - neither too hot nor too cold.