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Worm Castings

It is well know that worm castings contain special benefits: stimulates plant growth, improves root growth, enhances germination, improves crop yield, contain plant growth hormones, and is rich in microbial life and nutrients.  If you are looking for bumper yields of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, the use of worm castings is a great start. 

Premium Worm Castings can be purchased through the website store or be picked-up at the farm in Ashe County, NC.  The price is $15 for five gallons. 

Premium Worm Castings have been tested by the North Carolina Department of Agronomy.  To view the latest analysis report, please click on the link below.

3.4 Gallons Castings, Shipping Included $33.90

Analysis as Percent

(Tested by NC Dept. of Agronomy)
(To convert ppm to % divide ppm by 10000)
View PDF Analysis Report

N - 1.0
P - 0.15
K - 0.16
Ca - 2.44
Mg - 0.38
S - 0.17
Fe - 0.16
Mn - trace (80 ppm)
Zn - trace (50 ppm)
Cu - trace (17 ppm)
B - trace (10 ppm)

pH - 6.06
C:N - 36.5
Soluble Salt - 134 (0.13 ds/m)